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Protecting Your Family

10 Aug 2016 Fremantle 0 Comment

Top 10 Tips For Protecting Your Family at Home Opens

I get asked a lot by parents about this topic – thought I would share my top 10 tips.


  1. De-personalise!! Remove all photographs, name signs and awards or any personal information that could potentially identify your children and expose them to harm.
  2. It is better to be safe than sorry!! No pictures of children’s room should be put on to the internet.
  3. Would you leave your passport or credit card lying around? Probably not so why leave personal information about your children open for predators to prey?
  4. While technology is extremely useful and relevant it can also potentially be used by people with questionable motives. Do not post pictures of your computers, big screens, ipads, ipods etc if you can avoid it.
  5. Remind children to put away valuable and personal items in the morning before they leave school the morning of the home open.
  6. Do not leave children’s school & weekly schedules lying around either.
  7. Lock up bills and personal correspondence.
  8. Keep rooms with personal and valuables locked and out of bounds or take the valuables out of the house with you.
  9. Replace pictures of children, friends and family with artwork.
  10. If anyone sees a for sale sign they may come up and knock on your door turn them away and ask them to see your real estate agent instead for a scheduled home viewing.

Thanks for reading – if you have any thoughts or would like to add to my tips please comment below.


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