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Being A Great Tenant

10 Aug 2016 Fremantle 0 Comment

Quick Guide to Being a Great Tenant

At some point in our lives, we are likely to be a tenant for someone else or have an investment property with a tenant(s).

At Professionals Ultimate our tenants are important to us. We understand that moving day can cause all sorts of distractions. So to ensure we work together in setting up your tenancy success we have produced this checklist to answer many of the frequently asked questions and challenges that may occur.

What’s in your agreement?

The Lease agreement you have just entered into is a legally binding contract – it has terms and conditions that must be adhered to. Should you not comply with any of the terms and conditions set out in the Lease it could result in the issue of Notices that may impact on your future tenancy prospects. Our aim is to assist you in understanding what this means to you and help you in meeting the expectations of your owner and their agent.

If for any reason you do not understand any aspect of your agreement we recommend you contact your property manager.

Property Condition Report

You will be handed a copy of the property condition report. You have (7) seven days to bring to our attention any fault or item was not noted on the Property Condition Report. At the end of your Tenancy our Final Bond Inspection will be assessed against this report.

Paying Rent

Our aim is to assist you in establishing a favourable rental history that will assist you in your future rental prospects. It is your legal responsibility to pay your rent to the owner on time and in advance. Please ensure that your payments reach us on or before due date. Professionals will not physically collect your rent. Rent must be paid by automatic payment, or via the payment method discussed with your Property manager.

If you have any problems with your rent payments please notify your property manager at the earliest possible time. If you fall into arrears you will be served with a Notice of Breach or Notice of Termination for Non Payment of rent. Should the rent remain unpaid we will then apply to the Magistrates Court for termination of your tenancy and your debt will be lodged with all available tenancy databases.

Who can occupy the property?

Only the people (and the number of people) included on your Lease agreement are permitted to reside at the property on a permanent basis. Should a tenant wish to move out please notify us immediately.

Routine Property Inspections

Inspections will be made Quarterly during your tenancy, with your first inspection in approximately 6 weeks time. You will be notified in writing of the day and approximate time frame for the inspection to be carried out. Unfortunately due to time constraints it is not possible to alter the inspection time. You don’t have to be present, but you are most welcome to be there so we can discuss any problems or aspects of your tenancy that requires attention.

Changing employment or phone number?

Please ensure you notify us immediately of any change to your employment and business, mobile or home telephone number. This is to ensure that we can contact you should need arise.


The owner is responsible for insuring the property. The owner is not responsible for any damage to tenants’ possessions. Tenants should take out their own contents insurance for their possessions.

Preparing to leave

When you decide to leave the property you are required to give 21 days notice in writing. You can obtain a “Notice to Vacate” from your property manager. Please fill this in and send it to us. The Notice is effective from the date it is received by our office. You will be liable for rent up to and including the 21st day of your notice period.

For tenants on fixed term tenancies the above does not apply as your agreement cannot be terminated by giving notice mid-term.

Leaving the property

The house must be left clean and tidy (including garden). Meter reading taken, keys ready to be handed over to the pre-arranged final inspection time. You must ensure the property is returned to the same standard of cleanliness as at commencement of your tenancy.

Commercial cleaning costs could be deducted from your security bond if the property is not left clean. (Remember the stove!) If cleanliness could be improved by cleaning products the it is not clean.

Remember your tenancy can not be finalised until all the keys are returned to the property manager. If all keys are not returned locks may need to be changed and costs may be deducted from your bond.

Water consumption

The Water Corporation issue accounts for all water consumed on the premises. You will then be required to pay for all water consumed on the premises unless otherwise stated in your Lease Agreement.

Gas, power and phone accounts

It is your responsibility to have the utilities (gas, electricity, telephone) connected in your name. You must have the account finalised when you vacate. To make life simple we can put you in contact with a “one-stop” service provider who’ll arrange connection on your behalf.

Painting/ decorating/ renovating

Should you wish to make any changes to the property including decoration you must obtain written permission from the owner/ agent before any work commences. If consent was given, colours and products used will need to be agreed on.

When attending to wall repairs it is imperative that colours and paint finishes are matched to existing paintwork. If you are unsure contact your property manager or painting professional. Unfortunately, in some extreme cases whole homes have required painting throughout (at the tenants’ expense) due to mismatched paint.


These may be kept only with the written permission of the owner/agent, and in accordance with local by-laws. If you wish to keep a pet at the property make sure to speak with the property manager to seek written permission before you bring it home.

Car parking

Tenants are to park only in the designated areas. Please ensure cars are not parked on grass verges or lawns, as this damages the reticulation and you will be responsible for reimbursing the owner the cost of any repair.

Cars that are not registered are not to be parked on the premises at any time.


You are responsible for keeping garden beds weed free, and lawns mowed regularly unless otherwise provided for in your Lease Agreement.

You must ensure that watering only occurs on the allocated watering days specified by Water Corporation. Watering outside the specific days could result in a fine due and payable to Water Corporation, currently set at $500.00.

Repairs and maintenance

Should you have a maintenance problem with your home, please call our office and speak to your property manager. Leave detailed message if they are unavailable. If notice anything dangerous on or about the property, you must advice your property manager immediately. If you are not going home, with your permission we can give a tradesman a key for this purpose.

If access arrangements are not adhered to and the tradesman cannot gain entry, the call out charge may be passed onto the tenant. Should an extreme emergency occur that relates to the property, contact SES on 132 500; you should then make all efforts to contact property manager by phone to advise of the problem. Any maintenance arranged by a tenant will be at the tenant’s expense unless it is proven to be an emergency or otherwise arranged.

For emergencies requiring assistance of Police, Fire or Ambulance please dial 000.

Damage to the Premises

The tenant shall ensure that all care is taken to avoid damage to the premises. You are required to advise the owner or agent of any damage to the premises as soon as you become aware of it.

You are not permitted to make any alterations to premises (including picture hooks) without written permission of the owner.

Please ensure that if permission is given by the owner/agent only picture hooks or appropriate supports are used on walls. You are to avoid the use of nails, stick on tapes, blue-tack and other fixings.


A photocopy of the keys handed to you at the end of your tenancy will be kept on file at our office. These keys must be returned at the end of your tenancy, together with any copies that you may have had made. Should you lose your keys you may come into the office during office hours and have another set cut. Should the problem occur outside of office hours you will need to call a locksmith to gain entry at your own expense.

Swimming pools and spas

In recent years there has been a growing trend for portable swimming pools and spas erected at property. Whether a permanent fixture or a temporary addition to the property anybody of the water that is greater than 300mm in depth carries legal obligations for safety, fencing and the ongoing liability associated with water quality. This can also include external fish ponds and water features.

If the property you are renting includes a swimming pool or spa be sure to maintain the equipment and water quality as directed by your property manager or pool water specialist.

If you intend to erect a portable pool or spa ensure you firstly obtain the written permission of the owner via your property manager. Without written approval you will be requested to remove the spa or pool and may even be issued with a Notice of Breach and/or Termination for non-compliance.

Communicating with your property manager

Effective communication is essential in successfully managing the tenancy; this applies to owners, tenants, agent and trades people. As you can appreciate, your property manager manages many tenancy situations and will work with all parties to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our general office hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, unless a public holiday falls during these times. If there are any problems or repairs that require attention please phone our Property Management Department during office hours or email your property manager.

Remember to include as much detail as possible to assist with prioritising and responding to your communication.

Purchasing your own home?

If you do consider purchasing a home the sales department of our office will be more than happy to assist and work with you in bringing your home ownership plans together. Please feel free to contact our office should you wish to embark on the exciting journey of owning your home.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if my toilet is blocked?

Toilets are usually blocked due to obstruction; this is usually the tenant’s responsibility so please call a plumber. However, if the blockage is because of tree roots or other damage this is the owner’s responsibility to rectify the problem. Should you wish to use our preferred plumbing contractor, please contact our office for their details.

What do I do about the lawns?

It is the tenant’s responsibility to have the lawns mowed, grounds kept neat and tidy and the gardens to be kept weed free. We have a list of contractors who will be happy to give you a quote.

The lawns and grounds need to be kept neat and tidy throughout the tenancy and when you leave.

When I leave the property do I have to clean the carpet?

YES, having the carpets professionally cleans is the tenants responsibility. Please check with your property manager for our preferred supplier details.

What about the phone and other utilities?

This is also your responsibility and there are a number of companies for you to choose from


If you are thinking about renting or buying an investment property call me for more tips

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