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Pets Welcome!

10 Aug 2016 Fremantle 0 Comment


7 Reasons Why Pets Are Good For Landlords – Rent your Property to Animal Owners!

Property owners always say to me … absolutely no pets in my property.

I try and argue to case for allowing pets …

here’s my top 7 Reasons why you should allow a pet in your property.

1) 36% of Australians own pets – so by excluding pets you are excluding 1/3 of the total potential tenants.  Imagine how quickly your property would be rented out if you allowed their cat or dog etc

2) Responsible pet owners often make a community a friendlier place.

3) Security benefits – dogs provide excellent security resource and can provide a warning device for neighbours properties as well.

4) Pet owners are often prepared to pay as much as 10-15% more rent.  They understand how hard it is to find a pet friendly property, so will pay a little more.

5) Pet owners are also likely to lease a property for longer.  They understand how difficult it is to accommodate their pets, so they give you the bonus of being more loyal.

6) If you allow pets, you don’t have top worry that the tenants are hiding pets in the property without your knowledge.

7) Pets don’t do as much damage as you think.  Sure you have to consider the impact of claws on floors, door frames, security grills, and gardens, but well trained pets are trained to not do these things.  Asking about the pets training can be an important part of the process.

So please consider tenants with pets:

You are likely to get better tenants, for longer, paying a higher rent.

Thanks for reading my pet friendly post.


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