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10 Rules To Remember When Selling Your House

24 Mar 2017 Fremantle 0 Comment


Before you sell your house to anybody, you need to remember that there are some unwritten rules to remind yourself.


Below are the 10 rules you need to remind yourself every time you are trying to sell a property!



  1. Keep in mind that buyers want to obtain the lowest price and best terms for themselves.


  1. Do not discuss confidential information with any buyers or agents, regardless of whom they represent, other than your own listing agent.


  1. Never openly talk about your reasons for selling as words have a nasty habit of being repeated. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to be aware of your own sense of urgency!


  1. Your motivation to sell is best kept between you and your appointed real estate professional.


  1. If you are willing to consider an offer less than the listing price you should only let your agent know this. Even by appearing relaxed on the subject of price, you are giving off a wrong signal!


  1. Sorry to nag about all this, but never discuss the Terms under which you would sell with anyone other than your agent.


  1. If you have any plans that relate to relocation, timing or anything else, keep them to yourself.


  1. Once again, if you have items of personal property which you might be willing to include in a sale keep them to yourself, let your agent do the job they are appointed to do.


  1. If you have agreed on a specific marketing strategy to launch and promote the sales of your property do not discuss these with any other agent.


  1. Keep a positive state of mind about the sale of your property and stay in contact with your agent. Never feel that you are “bothering your agent”. Remember that you want to be as informed and up-to-date about everything as possible.


If you can say you have followed every point in this document and the advice from your agent, then take a little time for yourself and RELAX!



Your house will more than likely sell for more than you thought likely!


If you would like the help of this real estate agent – here’s what to do:


Call Peter Taliangis on 0431 417 345 or 9330 5277 or email peter@professionalsultimate.com.au


Peter Taliangis


Licensed Real Estate Agent – Sales and Property Management


Professionals Ultimate



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