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22 Mar 2017 Fremantle 0 Comment

Let’s start by understanding that selling your house is much like a business. Here are your first five points…


When it comes to selling a product, there is a universally accepted formula:  attention, interest, conviction, desire and close. The same structure applies to the sale of your house.


  1. Gain favourable attention. You must have heard the phrase “first impressions count”. You dress up and put an effort to look, sound, and be good before meeting people for the first time. The point here is that gaining favourable attention is imperative to getting the very best price possible for your house.


  1. Generating real and meaningful interest cannot be achieved if you keep the sale of your house a secret, your appointed Real Estate Agent will discuss the best ways to promote your house using electronic (the internet and email), press media advertising (local and regional newspaper) and direct response marketing letter box drop flyers) as well as ideas such as incentive promotions (competitions where visitors to your Open Home events can freely participate).


  1. The conviction stage of successful selling is all about turning doubt to “belief” and it is here that you will want your house to appear as honestly and realistically priced for the prevailing market condition. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to brand your house as “over-priced and not worth it”, you want them to be convinced that your property is right for them and that it is a worthwhile investment.


  1. Forget the advice that people buy what they need. When it comes to property we all buy what we want. The question of wanting your house is when a buyer has that keen desire as they “see themselves” living, enjoying and being at home” or where they have a top class return, on your house as an investment property and start the mental plans to how this will help them financially. Along with your agent, you will do your utmost to make your house desirable to the maximum number of prospective buyers.


  1. Every sale has a successful close, the final and legally binding stage where a contract is in place and money are exchanged for a product or service. Concluding negotiations is not easy and requires expert and highly professional skills.


Let your Agent do what you are paying them to do, their services won’t come cheaply for no reasons, a top line Agent will be your best friend at the closing time. Remember that a crucial part of marketing any product is the presentation of the product.


Corporations and retail businesses understand this concept and pay millions of dollars each year to advertising and marketing consultants to get the best advice possible. It’s the same when selling your house.





If they don’t know AICDC then do not appoint them!



If you would like the help of this real estate agent – here’s what to do:


Call Peter Taliangis on 0431 417 345 or 9330 5277 or email peter@professionalsultimate.com.au


Peter Taliangis


Licensed Real Estate Agent – Sales and Property Management


Professionals Ultimate



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